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Healthcare Solutions Redefining Nottingham's Patient Care Landscape.

At Pacesetters Healthcare Ltd, our mission is to provide unparalleled healthcare solutions tailored to meet your unique needs in Nottingham and beyond. Specialising in services for the elderly, individuals with learning disabilities, mental health concerns, and palliative care, we also extend our expertise to those facing mental health challenges and substance/alcohol misuse recovery. With over 15 years of experience as trusted healthcare providers, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional care without compromising affordability, ensuring you receive professional and compassionate support within your budget. Contact us to experience quality healthcare solutions.

Discover Our Healthcare Solutions

Explore our services and discover the dedicated care and support we provide.

View of a nurse taking out an old man in a wheelchair

Elderly Care

We offer compassionate elderly care services, ensuring your loved ones receive the respect and support they deserve in later years.

Home Care Services

Our comprehensive home care services, including day care nursing, bring quality healthcare to your doorstep, enhancing comfort and convenience.

Residential Care Homes

Our residential care homes provide a safe, homely environment for individuals who require round-the-clock support and care.

Respite Care

Take a break while we offer short-term respite care for your loved ones, maintaining their well-being and security.

Palliative Care

We provide holistic palliative care, focusing on symptom management and improving the quality of life for those with serious illnesses.

Hospices & End-Of-Life Care

Our hospice services and end-of-life care offer sensitive, tailored support, ensuring patients and families find peace and comfort during this transitional period.

Specialist Care

From child healthcare to nursing care, personal assistance, and enablement care, our team provides specialist care tailored to diverse needs, ensuring the highest standard of healthcare solutions.


We offer a personalised care system whereby we are happy to accompany you're loved one to shops, to an appointment or anything else they require. We also offer phone companionship too, to make sure our clients are never feeling alone or isolated.

Close-up view of a nurse holding the hands of an aged woman

Dementia Care

Specialist dementia care to meet the client's needs. We visit you in your home and make initial assessments and delivery care special plan for you.

Elderly Care

Ageing is a normal process of life, and we understand carrying out your normal day activities might be challenging sometime. Therefore, we are here to make days lived full. We support includes companionship, support with cooking, get dress, shopping, assisting to hospital appointment and befriending.

Support For Young Adults

Provide dedicated support, and care for young people.

Long Term Condition

As experienced healthcare professionals, we understand the challenges of our client with long term health conditions. Our care support is to provide personal support to sure that our client leads an independent life whilst maintaining a high standard of care.

Examples of Long-term conditions are permanent health conditions condition that may require you to take medication on daily basis or permanent impairment.
Stroke care
Parkinson’s care
Brain Injury
End of Life

Cancer Care

We’ll work alongside your medical professionals to provide the best care for you.
All conditions
Our condition-led care is completely be spoken to your preferences, with no ‘one size fits all’

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